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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our Frequently Asked Questions, if you don’t find your question here just give us a call on free phone 0800 298 5424 we are always happy to help You with your property questions

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What is a Homebuyers Report?

A Homebuyers Report is a property report written using a standard format and often using a tick box style. The inspection is usually carried out as one of several during the day and therefore a quick overall look rather than an in depth view of the property.

What is a Full Structural Survey?

As the name suggests a Full Structural Survey, sometimes known as a Building Survey or House Survey, is a detailed survey report of a property. A Full Structural Survey is always preferable to a Homebuyers Report as it comprehensive detailing any property defects or potential concerns as well as giving anticipated costs for building work. Although more expensive than a Homebuyers Report a Full Structural Survey is value for money with the Surveyor inspecting all areas including roofs, chimneys outbuildings etc. If the building survey identifies costly property problems this can be used to negotiate on the price of the property or if extremely high may result in you deciding to look at alternative properties.

What happens on the day of a Full Structural Survey?

On the day that the Full Structural Survey is carried out the Chartered Surveyor will arrive at the property and spend approximately 4 hours (depending on the size of the property) carrying out a full inspection. All areas of the property are inspected including roofs and surveying equipment is used to check for dampness and thermal qualities of the building. You will be able to meet with the Surveyor to talk about any concerns or plans you have for the property.

During the survey the Building Surveyor will identify if alterations have been made such as removal of internal walls, damage to timbers – for example in the roof space roof timbers are inspected for any issues, evidence of subsidence and highlight any evidence of damp and associated issues.

A Full Structural Survey report is then written and presented including many survey photos, unique survey sketches, thermal images and 3D models and layout plans. The Full Structural Survey is written in plain English rather than legal jargon and any technical terms are supported with definitions and sketches to ensure a clear understanding of any issue is given.

A Full Structural Survey is not a standard format survey, it is written and tailor made to your requirements. The building survey has an Executive Summary, which clearly states any property issues or concerns and then a more detailed section from chimney to foundation externally and internally giving a comprehensive report on the building.

How can I get a Full Structural Survey?

Free phone 0800 298 5424 today to speak to our friendly Building Surveyors and book a survey. We provide free survey quotes with no obligation – call us for a chat about your house, flat or bungalow today.

Alternatively fill out our Quick Quote form and we will call you Click Here

Remember don’t buy a problem property buy a survey.

What will add value to a property?

Adding extra living space to a property will add value. Converting a loft into a room or adding an extension will provide extra space.

If the property is an old property without central heating then the addition of central heating will add value and improve the building.

With prices of energy ever increasing then improving the properties energy efficiency will help improve the score of the energy performance certificate when you come to sell.

What can I do if the Surveyor finds a problem with the property I want to buy?

A Surveyor will provide a written Building Survey report, which will identify any property issues. Prior to exchanging contracts a potential purchaser can either:-

  1.  Ask the vendor corrects the property issue at their expense.
  2. Ask for a reduction in the purchase price to cover the cost of resolving the property issue.
  3. If the issue is substantial and costly you may wish to withdraw from purchasing the property.

My building survey says there is damp in the property is this a major problem?

During an inspection of a property for a Full Structural Survey a Surveyor will take damp meter readings from the walls to measure damp. Often there is nothing to be alarmed about as in older properties there will be a level of dampness naturally and will be considered a characteristic of the property.   Many properties may have higher than average levels of dampness in high humidity generating areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, which can be helped with the addition of large, humidity controlled extraction fans.

If you want to find out more about dampness click here

What is the difference between an Independent Surveyor and a Surveyor?

Independent Surveyors are always best as they are 100% impartial and have your best interests at heart. Independent Surveyors are not owned by banks, building societies, estate agents or any other financial or corporate institution and are free to give independent property advice. Independent Surveyors work for you and only you.