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Concerned about a Battersea property?

Get peace of mind with a building survey

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Building Surveys from Battersea Building Surveyors

Buying a property in Battersea?

A structural building survey from Battersea Building Surveyors is essential when purchasing a property in Battersea and will save you money too.

Why we believe our building surveys are the best money can buy
  1. Comprehensive Executive Summaries – our surveys have detailed Executive Summaries divided into Good, Bad and Ugly property issues to ensure you understand the property from chimney to foundation externally and internally.
  2. Surveys written in Plain English – surveys written so you understand any issues free from jargon.
  3. Many survey photos – high resolution survey photos and aerial view – 360 photos- photos give a record of the property condition and any areas of concern.
  4. Surveyors who will meet you at the property – all our Battersea Building Surveyors will meet you at the property being surveyed to talk through any concerns or plans for the building.
  5. Unique survey sketches – over many, many years of surveying we have commissioned detailed survey sketches unique to our Surveyors which help to explain and detail external and internal areas of the property ensuring our clients are fully aware of any property issues, features or characteristics.
  6. Local knowledge – we have been surveying in Battersea and surrounding areas for many, many years and have local knowledge and expertise.
  7. Latest surveying equipment – Battersea Building Surveyors use the latest surveying equipment ensuring the most up-to-date readings and results.

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”Rob Siltanen

Building Surveyor in Battersea

We survey all types and styles of buildings in Battersea and surrounding areas. Our Independent Surveyors are local London Surveyors who are experienced and qualified to produce high quality survey reports including full structural surveys, residential surveys, commercial surveys, property reports, schedules of condition etc. All our Building Surveyors are experiences with old and historic properties and have many years of direct hands on experience with Listed buildings. Equally our Surveyors understand newer construction properties, which may look solid to the untrained eye but building materials used often perform very differently and we would say are frequently built to a price not necessarily a quality standard. Our Battersea Building Surveyors also survey Battersea properties that have been altered and extended both with and without Planning Permission and Building Regulations giving our clients expert advice. We also solve and deal with building disputes and can also help you with your extension and alteration design work.


Independent Battersea Building Surveyors

All our Building Surveyors are independent which means our Surveyors are 100% impartial working for you and you alone; this means that our London Surveyors do not work for a mortgage company or an estate agent so they have your best interests at heart.


Battersea 10 interesting facts

Battersea Dogs Home was founded in 1860 with the animal rescue centre opened in Battersea in 1871.

Battersea is the birthplace of the famous James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore.

On 9th January 1863 the first football match played under Football Association rules was played at Battersea Park

In the 1890s lady bicyclists who had been banned from Hyde Park shocked locals by riding their bicycles in Battersea Park

Many movies have been filmed in Battersea Park including 101 Dalmations, Spice Girls – The Movie and End of the Affair to name but a few

London’s narrowest bridge is Battersea Bridge built by Joseph Balzagette

Clapham Junction (in Battersea not Clapham!) is the busiest railway station in the UK

The area of Battersea was in the past well known for growing asparagus

The Festival of Britain’s Pleasure Gardens were present in Battersea Park in 1951

St Mary’s Church, Battersea was the church that the poet William Blake chose for his wedding

More survey information

Buying property in Battersea?

If you are buying a property in Battersea to live in, invest in or buying to let then contact our expert Independent London Surveyors today. If you need property help or advice or wish to have a building survey carried out on a house or apartment in Battersea or surrounding areas free phone 0800 298 5424 today. Our London Building Surveyors also specialise in multi-occupied properties and can help with advice on buying properties for this purpose and provide comprehensive, jargon free building surveys, which will save you money and time too. Our Surveyors produce structural building surveys for leasehold and freehold houses, apartments, bungalows etc including buildings from every Era with their own characteristics and property issues which we can help you with.

We always highly recommend if you are buying a house or home that you have a full structural building survey carried out by an Independent Surveyor. It is ridiculous to expect a mortgage company owned or estate agent owned Surveyor will give you impartial advice. Independent Surveyors work for you with your interests at heart and only yours call free phone 0800 298 5242 for an impartial survey that will save you money too.