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Roof Window Problems

Below are examples of typical roof windows that we see on a survey and typical problems that we come across and how to solve them.

Original roof windows

Original roof windows tend to be almost just a sheet of glass and nothing much else, for example the type of roof windows you find on Listed buildings.  They are often also found at high level on older buildings as they have over the years never been replaced and repaired just because they are so difficult to access, it’s only when a roof window is leaking that people really notice it.

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1970's domed roof window

1970’s domed roof windows tend to be used on large flat roofs that originated in the 1960’s/1970’s to allow light in and around the property. Often, we’ve seen them on offices, warehouses, schools and house extensions as well. Before those we tended to have metal roof windows.

1970’s domed roof window

Metal roof window including lantern style roof windows

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the metal roof window developed in the lantern form, which we believe came from the earlier timber version.

Lantern roof window

Flat roof glass window

Modern metal windows

This really is the era when windows were re-assessed and reviewed and often became double glazed.  They are what we term as purpose made in a factory and are often known by their trade name of Velux roof windows, though there are many other manufacturers.   These can be used on residential or commercial properties.

Metal roof windows

Close up of metal roof window

Roof window problems

It seems inevitable with roof windows that they will sooner or later leak.  If this doesn’t occur then they seem prone to condensation particularly if located in humidity generating areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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