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WC2 Building Surveyors

Looking for a property in The Strand or Covent Garden?

Our building Surveyors have years of experience surveying all types, styles and eras of property in The Strand and Covent Garden.

Our survey reports detail property issues in our concise and comprehensive Executive Summaries with plain English descriptions, digital photos and unique survey sketches to ensure you are fully aware of all aspects of the building.

Caveat Emptor – buyer beware – why leave it to chance when you are investing a considerable sum of money in your new home?  A survey will not only give you peace of mind but it can save you money too to enable you to negotiate the best price for the property.

A - Z of Information on Covent Garden, London. WC2.

A: Adelphi Theatre

The Adelphi Theatre opened in around 1930 and was designed by Ernest Schaufelberg to be a theatre, which seats over a thousand people. In 1806 there was a Theatre, which was open in the same place and this was improved and refurbished to become in 1819 the Adelphi Theatre. In 1858 the Theatre opened after the old Theatre was demolished and has an Art Deco style.

B: Beautiful National Gallery

The National Gallery contains over two thousand paintings and the collections date back from the 13th Century to the 20th Century. It is Free to enter the National Gallery and it is open every day of the week.

C: Chapel

The Savoy Chapel was founded in 1512 by Henry V11 and for the Golden Jubilee the ceiling of the Chapel was restored. The gardens surrounding the Savoy Chapel had been redesigned and the Chapel is open to the public where they can see the architecture and glass windows whilst attending services.

D: Drury Lane

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane was built around the 1660’s. There was a fire in 1672 which destroyed The Theatre Royal Drury Lane and it has been rebuilt four times in total. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane which is open today is designed by Benjamin Wyatt and its first opening performance was Hamlet in approximately 1812.

E: Excellent Thomas Neal Centre

The Thomas Neal Centre contains many designer outlets which attracts a large number of individuals each week. In the Thomas Neal Centre there are two floors which have a variety of shops from Fred Perry to Carhartt and there are cafés nearby where you can sit and relax.

F: Fleet Street

Near Covent Garden is Prince Henry’s Room which was built in 1610 and survived the Great Fire of London and is one the few houses to survive the Fire. There is free admission to the Prince Henry’s Room and it is open Monday to Saturday.

G: Garrick Club

In 1831 The Garrick Club was founded and provides a range of facilities such as accommodation, dining and a library which has a collection of paintings and drawings. It is a private member club which has an art collection with over one hundred paintings and guided tours can be given to small groups.

H: History

Flowers, fruit and vegetables were sold at Covent Garden Market until 1974 when the market moved to Nine Elms.

I: Independent Chartered Surveyors

As Independent Chartered Surveyors we have carried out a variety of different surveys in the Covent Garden area including Residential Building Surveys and also Commercial Surveys. If you are buying a house or business in Covent Garden then call us for a truly independent opinion, we are not influenced by Banks, Building Societies or Estate Agents!

J: Just close to Leicester Square

Leicester Square is close to Covent Garden where it attracts individuals due to its restaurants, entertainers and street artists. In the middle of Leicester Square is the statue of Shakespeare which is a copy of the memorial in Westminster Abbey of Shakespeare.

K: Knowledge Royal Opera House Backstage Tour

There are tours backstage at The Royal Opera House which allow you to find out about the history of The Royal Opera House and some of the current productions.

L: Lamb and Flag

The Lamb and Flag Public House is one of the oldest pubs in London; it was called The Coopers Arms in 1772 until it changed in 1833 to The Lamb and Flag. It is often used for functions and offers traditional English food.

M: Museum

The London Transport Museum originates approximately in the 1920’s and has two levels with the highest level showing 19th Century London and the ground level showing On the surface from the 1900 to 1945.

N: Nearby is The Photographers Gallery

The Photographers Gallery was founded by Sue Davies and the Gallery moved in 2008 to Ramillies Street near Covent Garden. The Photographers Gallery is one of the most visited Galleries in Europe and has a range of exhibitions including the family and the land.

O: Old Bow Street Police Station

The Bow Street Police Station is one of the most well known police station’s in London and was founded in 1829. There was Bow Street Runners in approximately 1739 who were part of rotation offices which were set up in the Bow Street Police Station and they would find and catch the person responsible for the offence.

P: Performers

There are street performers in Covent Garden who attract large audiences by performing special shows – there seems to always be entertainment taking place in Covent Garden which makes it a popular tourist destination.

Q: Quiet Somerset House

Somerset House is open to the public for free everyday of the week and was designed by Sir William Chambers in the 18th Century. You will be able to see beautiful art collections and the stunning interior free of any charges.

R: Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House was built in 1858 and was used as a dance room during the Second World War. The Royal Opera House holds over one hundred performances per season such as Les Troyens and Otello.

S: St. Paul’s Church

St Paul’s Church was built in 1633 by Inigo Jones and holds services most days and every Sunday. The Church has a beautiful Churchyard where individuals can enjoy the peace and quiet away from the busy hustle and bustle of the London streets.

T: The London Coliseum

The London Coliseum was opened in 1904 and was designed by Frank Matcham and contains just over two thousand seats; it is the largest Theatre in London. The London Coliseum was restored and improved and in the mid 1990s with Frank Matcham giving two hundred drawings to the London Coliseum.

U: University of London

The London School of Economics and Political Science which was in 1895 founded by Beatrice and Sidney Webb is located in the Covent Garden area.

V: Visitors

Visitors to Covent Garden will see a variety of properties in different styles, types and from different eras; the architecture is both stunning and diverse from The Royal Opera House’s modern arched windowed extension to the majestic Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

W: Wide Range of Restaurants and Cafés

There are a number of restaurants and cafés in Covent Garden which provide a place to stop and enjoy the surroundings.

X: Xmas at Covent Garden

At Christmas in Covent Garden they have a range of celebrations and there is a stall which provides minced pies and hot apple juice. There is also the food market every Thursday and Friday from the beginning of November until the end of Christmas.

Y: Yearly Events

There are a number of events that occur every year in Covent Garden such as the Apple Market.

Z: Zero Traffic

Shopping in Covent Garden is much less stressful as there are wider streets for pedestrians where there are not a large number of cars near them.


What National Trust Places of interest are near to Covent Garden?

The Blwecoat School Gift Shop in Caxton Street, Westminster, London. SW1.

National Trust attractions in other parts of London:

Fenton House in Hampstead

Carlyles House in Chelsea

Ham House and Garden in Richmond

What English Heritage Places of interest are near to Covent Garden?

Chapter House and Pyx Chamber in Westminister.

English Heritage attractions in other parts of London include:

Blue Plaque at 91 Ashfield Street, Whitechapel. The founder of Tesco Sir Jack Cohen (1898 – 1979) grew up here.

St Mary Spital Charnel House, Spitalfields

Jewel Tower, Eastminster

Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner

Apsley House, Hyde Park Corner